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Corporate Leadership-A Deeper Shade of Green

Posted by 1worldteam on February 21, 2009

It is leadership when the CEO of a large company asks their board if they can forfeit their own 11.7 million bonus— leave that to General Electric’s (GE) Jeff Immelt , to set the example. More than being a company that is striving for transparency and to be environmentaly responsible, what was just thought to be a marketing campaign “Eco-magination” may indeed be more .  Is  the  “Green” giant GE, turning a deeper shade of green

GE, parent to NBC/Universal has decided not to accept money, or ask for relief  from the governemnt’s Troubled Assets Relief Program, TARP like other corporations. Where executive payouts are in the billions and the payouts and losses don’t seem to call many on Wall Street to repent, Immelt displays a rare commodity these days; virtue.  Leadership is more than good decisions for the company, ideally it is good decisions in the best interest for ALL.. GE did need money like the others but instead of taking from the government accepted an infusion of 3 billion from billionaire Warren Buffet. It is obvious why President Obama chose Immelt to be on the Economic Recovery Advisory Board


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