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Marketing Team-New Media TV and Blogs

Posted by 1worldteam on February 16, 2009

With World Team’s development, there is some more information here to further fuel our case in presenting a clear “deck” with biz plan back up–numbers/statistics for our revenue model.

This information in the article: “The End of TV” validates and supports what we are planning to do with World Team re: new media and integrated marketing. World Team will be an example, to meet the challenge with these changing forms of media and how they relate to sponsors and viewer interaction.

We plan to tell- a –vision and show how there is a lucrative way to exploit the cross platform relationship in new media integration and cutting edge technology with the computer (web stream plus blogs); TV (broadcast series), and mobile device (text messaging) to generate consistent interaction with the world.

We strive to demonstrate how the synergy of content & platforms fertilize growth and change: to further ignite the global environmental and social movement. Our spin on this, and original content could provide the missing link for a way multi-media platforms cross one another.

We are enthusiastic about the team of pro Marketeers, and the creativity demonstrated from the people Hugh Allspaugh has gathered from his “Independent Marketing” experience.

Also enthusiastic about our legal team, especially the recent addition of Diane Kasselman Esq.- to help with the sponsorship deals.

Thanks to all of you who give your time and skills now to make this happen. And especially Joie who has worked to begin to update our website


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